Tips For Buying The Best Heated Jackets For Men's And Women's


When the cold is coming and you can't bear to give up outdoor activities, it is especially important to have a coat that is resistant to the cold. If you're in or about to go, extreme cold is the norm, and even the thickest down jacket can't withstand the cold that invades your bone marrow. Then, having a hat that can adjust the temperature according to your body's cold resistance and the local temperature can be adjusted. Heating down pants can keep your body at an appropriate temperature at any time to help you resist the severe cold. Especially for mountaineering enthusiasts, scientific researchers in the Arctic and Arctic regions, field photographers, film and television practitioners (actors), construction and outdoor workers are all great clothes. The surface of the heated jacket is made of windproof and waterproof fabric to help you keep your temperature. A series of heated hats, heated gloves, heated socks, heated pants, heated pads, heated scarves, heated thermal underwear and more. The general method of heating clothes (heating clothing) is to sew materials similar to electric blankets in key parts of clothing. This kind of thermal insulation sheet is composed of coils and special clothing materials. And leave a USB or other form of power interface to connect with mobile power. USB battery heated clothing that acts as a thermal insulator in cold or harsh environments.

Some people may think that the heating jacket is no different from the winter jacket. The difference is that there are heating elements in the heating clothing sandwich, which are usually on the neck, waist, abdomen, and chest. Heating clothes, that is, heating clothes, are clothes or accessories consisting of ordinary or special clothes and heating devices. Heating clothes brings the gospel to those who are afraid of cold weather. It is a great choice for cold weather morning jogging, hiking, mountain enthusiasts, wild hunting, winter fishing, wild camping, winter motorcycle riding and other outdoor activities, and wild photographers. This winter, if you don't want your body to be affected by cold air again, and keep your body at a comfortable temperature, heating clothing is undoubtedly your best choice.
Among the smart clothing that has been publicly sold around the world today, smart heating clothing is the most prominent product developed and sold today. There are two ways to achieve the heating function of clothing:
One is to make a heating module, and then implant the heating module into ordinary clothing. The other is to produce a yarn that can be heated, and directly use this yarn to weave the fabric.
All heated garments are now designed and produced using the first method. There are two different shapes for the heating module, one is thin and the other is linear. The sheet-shaped heating module can be more uniform.

There are four methods for heating clothing: electronic heating, phase change materials, chemical heating, and hot fluid heating.
So far, the vast majority of heated clothing has used electronic heating methods to achieve the purpose, because it can achieve active temperature regulation.
Some heating clothing also uses phase change materials to achieve the purpose of temperature control. Phase change materials can achieve two-way temperature control, which can reduce the temperature of the human body by liquefying heat absorption when the temperature is high, and can be cured by relatively cold conditions. Exothermic heating is used to increase the temperature, but compared to electronic heating, its temperature control effect is limited, the aging time is short, and the production process is complicated.
Heated clothes are clothes that are heated by electricity, the same principle as electric blankets. Products on the market are powered by batteries, and most of them are 5V USB interfaces. Low voltage DC is relatively safe. The main performance concerns when selecting heating systems:

1. Whether the temperature can be controlled. Most of the heated clothes on the market are known as intelligent temperature control. Actually, only the heating power can be adjusted, and the temperature cannot be controlled. Overheating will not stop, and it will easily cause low temperature burns. Therefore, when purchasing, make sure that the system is the one with a temperature sensor, usually using a thermistor;

2. Whether the system is resistant to folding. Folding resistance is very important because clothes must be folded back and forth and washed. The main heating technologies on the market include carbon fiber, graphene, and carbon nanotube films. At present, carbon nanotubes are the most resistant to folding and have the best stability.
3. Comfort. The heating method of the electric heating wire is uneven and the comfort is poor. It is recommended to use clothes with a surface heating method.

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