Outdoor Activities Suitable of Winter

Outdoor Activities Suitable of Winter

In a blink of an eye, it is about to go to the winter. The north wind whistling, the snow was snowing, and the whole person was curled up. W tym czasie, the physical condition was a little bit worse, and the journey of "sick" winter began. It was not rhinitis, cough, or cold. Therefore, in the winter, it is important to enhance physical fitness. Outdoor sports, sun exposure, can improve the body's immunity. jednak, in such a cold weather, it is not suitable for playing in the summer, climbing the mountain, and going outdoors to feel the coldness of the ice and snow, what else can you do?

Outdoor activities suitable of winter.

When someone arrives in winter, they become depressed and work efficiency declines. This kind of seasonal disease is called “winter depression”. The most basic way to change mood is activity. Skiing is one of the best choices, especially fast. When floating, it feels like flying, this kind of relaxed feeling can't be described in words.
Skiing can enhance lung capacity, only strong lung capacity and good cardiovascular system support, in order to maintain the time of skiing, and also exercise heart and lung function.
Wear warm, sweat-wicking, lightweight soft-shell wind and rain-proof battery heated jackets, heated pants and other heated clothing. Dodatkowo, the best choice for skiing clothing is bright, and it is best to form a contrasting red, orange, sky blue or multi-color contrast with white, so that other skiers can be provided with eye-catching signs to avoid collision. The accident also adds fascinating charm to the sport.


Many friends think that only summer can camp. In fact, there is no mosquito interference in the winter, and there is no poisonous snake. The wilderness in the wilderness is quiet and leisurely, especially suitable for camping.
Therefore, walking in the mountains has the potential to improve lung ventilation, increase lung capacity, and improve lung function, while also enhancing the ability of the heart to contract.
Friends who like camping, you can try to go out camping in the winter, you will definitely enjoy a different camping experience.
How to choose tents and sleeping bags for winter camping is very important. The biggest difference between winter snow tents and summer tents is that winter tents have snow skirts that can keep you warm and windproof. Sleeping bags are best to choose a down sleeping bag with good warmth. Warm, lightweight heating socks and heated hats will also allow you to target the cold.

Running in the winter and exercising at low temperature can significantly improve myocardial function, expand lung capacity, promote aerobic metabolism, increase the coordination of the body, especially the ability of the skin to protect against cold, the immune function is significantly improved, and the cold is greatly reduced. Moreover, it can be a "heart", regulate the mind, eliminate psychological barriers, and more importantly, exercise will and perseverance.

Participating in physical fitness activities in winter can not only exercise the body, enhance physical fitness, but also exercise the strong will not to be afraid of cold, improve the body's ability to resist cold and prevent various diseases. The proverb of "Winter Practice Sanjiu" is the valuable experience that people have summarized in the long-term exercise.
jednak, it is important to choose the right dress for winter running. To avoid excessive bloated or too thin, you can wear several layers of lightweight, sweat-absorbent and easy-to-dry clothes. For example, wearing a soft shell windproof and rainproof heating vest outside, the inside wears a very fast drying, ultra-lightweight, super warm warm clothing on the line.
Pay special attention to winter running. Try not to run on the ice or on the snow that has been stepped on the ground to avoid slipping to injury. Also, be aware of the cracks and holes covered by snow on the road.


First exercise your feet and exercise your heart and lungs. As the saying goes: "People's old feet first decline." When climbing the mountain, the forwards, waist, plecy, complications of joints and muscles are constantly moving, promoting the metabolism of body energy, enhancing heart and lung function. Mountain climbing has the effect of strengthening body, health care and auxiliary treatment, and its value is especially obvious for those who live in cities for a long time.

Winter climbing should also have suitable clothing, lightweight and soft soft shell heating down jacket, soft shell wind and rain heating pants, hiking shoes, trekking poles, insulation pots and so on. Many people are in trouble. They don’t have trekking poles. Oczywiście, it’s okay to find a suitable or two stick trekking poles, but remember to bring gloves.
Turn off the TV, put down the phone, mouse, weekend, call a few friends to go hiking, let the body be placed in nature, can breathe, sweat quickly, can throw away the troubles and fatigue of the week, with a new look Replaced with a new round of work.

Outing/Ice fishing

On a weekend outing, go on a picnic in the wild, and have a little party with friends on the grass or on the grass in the park. Choose a sunny day, drive to the suburbs, set the oven, take out the prepared food, bathe in the warm sunshine, chat and barbecue, further increase comfort and relieve stress. In winter, the sun can also supplement the lack of sunlight to promote the body's absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which contribute to the growth and development of bones.

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