TMB (Tour Du Mont Blanc),Hiking Tips

TMB (Tour Du Mont Blanc),Hiking Tips

Hiking around Mont Blanc, lingering in the lush snow-capped mountains
Mont Blanc is a world-famous classic hiking route with breathtaking views. There is no dam of the dam of eight kilometers, but there are snowy glaciers above the green. Mont Blanc French (white mountain peak) is 4810 meters high, spanning the borders of France, Switzerland and Italy, with a total length of 170 kilometers. The Alps are an outdoor base camp, in addition to hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, rock climbing, trail running and more. July, August and June are the best seasons in Mont Blanc. There is snow in June and plenty of sunshine in July and August. It is the mildest time in Mont Blanc. Beginning to cool down in September, the temperature is 2-15 degrees Celsius, the weather in the mountains changes, ready to go hiking equipment is also to test whether you are a qualified senior outdoor enthusiast, apololo soft shell waterproof and windproof battery heated jacket, heated pants Of course it is your best choice. At this time on the TMB road, thousands of people, young and old, very lively.

Although the altitude of the Alps is not high, due to the high latitude, permanent glaciers and perennial snow cover abound. In the absence of altitude sickness, hikers can enjoy the beauty of the Snow Mountain Glacier and the European alpine walking culture.

The scenery on this road cannot be compared with the “stunning atmosphere” of the Himalayas and Karakorum, but the scenery is everywhere, especially the vegetation at various altitudes is very good. Below 1500 meters above sea level is mountain grassland, 1500-2500 meters is coniferous forest, raspberry flora, etc., 2500 meters above moss grass group, alpine shrub group, more than 3500 meters is alpine stream rock beach plant, snow covered glaciers.


On the foot of Mont Blanc, in addition to walking comfortably, it is more to understand the harmony between man and nature, to understand why the Alps are the birthplace of outdoor sports, and to experience the long history of European culture and connotation. I think this is the meaning of TMB walking. The Mont Blanc Ring (TMB) is short for Tour du Mont Blanc, a world-class walking route. At the end of August every year, this famous hiking route is a running madman. Yes, there is a world famous cross-country running UTMB. To compete, you must run 15 points in two years.

On the way to Mont Blanc, there are many older people who come across the house. There are also participating in the outdoor company team, but also have booked a self-propelled hiking in the alpine chalet, of course, there are many full-scale camping. There are full-time hiking, there are elite road sections, and one day and two days. Friends from all over the world are on the road. When they meet, they say hello to each other, "Bonjour", and people can quickly get closer.

From the comfort level, simply divide our current walking:
One star: Reloading on foot, everything must be carried on its own, because there is no supply.
Two stars: light hiking, camping, you need to cook.
Three stars: Light hiking, camping, you don't need to cook.
Four stars: lightly packed, not camping, not cooking. Accommodation is generally eaten in general, bathing costs.
Five stars: lightly packed on foot, not camping, not cooking, can take a hot bath, eat very rich, and have supplies in the middle.
Friends who came from a star, the five-star comfort of the Mont Blanc is simply a paradise.
The whole journey of Mont Blanc is about 12-13 days, and you can also choose the classic Montaline 7-day elite hiking route, which is about 110 kilometers. The daily rise and fall is basically between 800-1000 meters, and the highest altitude during the walk is 2700 meters, so there is no high anti-worry.

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